The Brotherhood

The brotherhood will be a group of men who have connected over showing up for themselves, therefore being able to offer their story to other men as well as tools to achieve the same.

They are men who understand more than anyone just how much we need to support each other. They all have their own personal story which they will share with the hope that another man relates and it inspires them to make a change. They all dedicate their lives to their practice whether its physical, mental or emotional. 

The brotherhood will embody varies topics. Initially we are starting with your mind, body and soul. 

These brothers will be hosting monthly sessions on the IG - from Yin Yoga, Breath work, masterclasses in alternative ways of earning money, inner healing and warrior training - all just for men.

The brotherhood was born in Bali within a a safe space at a men's initiation retreat in the heart of the jungle, ever since the retreat all the ideas and visions around Manifest.hommes have been cultivated. 

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Thank you for showing up,