The Meaning Behind Collection 01.

Josh Tully, the founder of Manifest.hommes has collected jewellery for years. He purchased his first piece when he was 16, its always been a passion and a way for him to  express himself. 

This first collection is a replica of his staple items, each with their own story. 

Bob - This replicates the signet ring gifted to him by his grandfather- Bob. This ring has survived World War II and is a very significant item of jewellery due to its emotional attachment.

Ganesh - Josh bought a similar piece in Bali on his first trip, and it's what he calls the 'showstopper' - it's the one that everyone wants to look at or ask questions about. As well as this he has a love for elephants.  

Black Onyx - Another piece to replicate a ring purchased in Bali - Josh was attracted to its simplicity yet mystery, the darkness represents the dark masculinity. It also reminds him to make sure he embraces both the light and dark.  

The Buddha - What more can we say about this one - it's a symbol that has always represented so much for so many, and now it will represent something for Manifest.hommes.

The Chainmail Bracelet - The intricate detail of this piece appealed to Josh and he purchased a similar item within the first week of arriving in Bali, which is the same time that Manifest was born. So he feels it will be significant when looking back on this time. 

'I can't wait for the day when I walk down the street and notice one of our pieces on a stranger'

- Josh