The story behind the brand

Manifest.hommes is a mens jewellery brand created with love from the people of Bali. The brand is about bringing men together and allowing men to express themselves through a piece of jewellery, along with creating a space for them to learn about expression and practice.

Manifest was born organically through the founders commitment to simply start showing up for himself and opening up his mind to a different life, bringing him to Bali which was a direct response to months of manifesting during lockdown 0.1 in the UK. What started as a small passion project is now rooted in honesty, truth, support and organic connections.

Men live a life of suppression, shame, guilt, conditioning, loneliness and the inability to connect with other men on a deeper level. Manifest.hommes aims to bring together incredible men who can offer practice to the Manifest.hommes tribe - offering monthly classes for free live on the instagram through the brotherhood.

Josh feels like this is something he simply has to do -

"If it helps one man to show up for himself or even better show a man that life is worth living then its worth every second"

The brotherhood is simply a group of men who have connected over showing up for themselves and therefore being able to offer their story to others.

They are men who understand more than anyone just how much we need to support other men. These brothers will be hosting monthly sessions on the IG - from Yin yoga, breath work boxing, masterclasses, inner healing and warrior training - all just for men.

The brotherhood was born in Bali at a beautiful retreat in the jungle, ever since the retreat all the ideas and visions around Manifest.hommes have been cultivated.

Collection 1 is a story from the founder, it's his own personal collection replicated and handmade in Bali by true artisans.

Each piece represents something different for him, therefore making perfect sense for this to inspire the launch of Manifest.hommes.

This collection is layered with honesty and truth, this will be the theme throughout the brand.

Twice as many men commit suicide than women on an international scale, in 2019 100,000 chose to end their lives. This increases year on year with the rate being considerably higher for men.

The ONS said men accounted for about three-quarters of suicide deaths registered in 2019, 4,303 compared with 1,388 women.

So the mission is simple, offer help for those men who dont even know where to begin on how to start the work on themselves, in fact commiting suicide seems like their only option. They would rather leave this world than show up for themselves.

Manifest.hommes is more than another jewellery brand its a community with one aim - encourage men to help men!

Thank you for showing up,